The Secret Of How I Started An Optometry Practice From Scratch...

Hint - It's the opposite of what most Opticians are doing right now 

​Success. It's easy. If you have your own practice you just need a blueprint to follow. 

This page I have created may not look like some slick professional website. It's not meant to be.

I simply want to give you some information that really changed my life. I don't waste my time on pretty pictures and fonts.

If you want straight shooting strategy tips for your optometry practice that is what you will get. Live from the trenches of a real Optometrist.

If you're ready to finally sort out your staff, if you’re ready to get out of working in your practice day after day & dramatically improve your success, then please read on.

It's Time To Change​

I’m an Optometrist and Independent Practice Owner. I started the business from scratch in 2011 and in year 3 implemented a system that turbo charged my success.

It also reduced my testing days by nearly half. I want to show fellow Optometric Practice Owners like you, how I did it.

NOW IS the time to protect your business profits INSPITE of growing competition from the national chains and cheap online websites every where you look.

“9 Marketing Ideas - For Optical Business Owners - How To Get - More New Patients FAST”… shows you the NEW way to market your practice and ultimately, how to attract your own rhythmical supply of new ideal patients.

Here’s just some of what this report reveals:

1. How to get more new patients using simple, old school style advertising that most Optical practice owners are overlooking.

2. One small change to your practice, taking literally seconds to do, that will greatly improve your profits.

3. The “secret” strategy for attracting new patients I’m using in my own clinic – it’s the one that means I never have to worry about relying on “hope” that my current patients come back.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!...

There’s so much more inside this report that I don't want reveal here.

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There is a small fee of £10 for my report. If you are a little tight, shame on you, you should never be tight with marketing! But if that is the case, I do have a free report available on my training website...


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Morning John,

Just a wee email to introduce myself.

Like yourself, I'm a one-man band optometrist with a single practice, in what would be described as a disadvantaged area on the outskirts of Glasgow...

I opened the practice from scratch 21 years ago and within 2 years I had built-up my practice through word-of-mouth recommendation. So far, so good....

We toddled along nicely until the credit crunch of 2008.......sales dropped dramatically overnight and we have never recovered!

It's been 10 years of worry, anxious sleepless nights with me trying to come up with different ideas to solve my far, nothing has worked.

Now, I'm not the type of person who goes around feeling sorry for themselves or gives up easily, however by Christmas 2017, I had reached a point where I was seriously thinking of calling it a day.

Then, last month I read your article 'Run an Effective Staff Training System' in Optometry Today (from May 2017) and you described EXACTLY what happens in my optical assistants are always trying to give patients a bargain.

We had our first staff training meeting this week: we started with first impressions and "SEE", with staff engaging in examples of customer experiences good and bad, we have dates in the diary for weekly staff training meetings for the next 2 months.

I am a bit nervous about fully going for it, but it makes sense and I can see how it could work for my practice, I can already see the potential in both our current patients and how to attract new patients.

I'm feeling much more optimistic about the future of the practice and my quality of life!

Thank you very much,

Mary Gray

Optometrist from Glasgow, Scotland